Pros of Embroidery!


In some circles, embroidery is the gold standard of imprints. An embroidered imprint looks crisp, distinct, and professional. It is precise with near-perfect quality, which is why it is the must-have imprint method to some of the fancy and elite.


Imprints on any item can last a long time with the proper care. Traditionally, custom embroidery does not wash or fade out. It becomes part of the fabric on the item, and the thread used holds up slightly better than the ink transfer in screen printing.

Multiple Colors

Not only can you choose from a ton of thread colors when you go the embroidery route, but you can also use several colors on your imprint at once, usually for no additional charge! Since embroidered imprints are programmed into a machine, it is easy for the computer to switch colors within an image.


Your logo file is taken and digitized (turned into a stitch that is a file that embroidery machines can read). Digitization is a relatively fast and straightforward digital process that makes the turnaround time on embroidered materials pretty quick – often finished in just a day or two!