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  • We can create custom shirts for your business events or personal events!

  • We can create custom graphics you can upload to any social media account!

  • We can generate business logos for your business!

  • We can help you design your custom websites or web pages!

  • We can embroider your business items or even your items!

  • We can even help with your social media marketing!

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We offer a variety of imprint methods, each providing your product with a fresh, distinct look. If you have ever wondered which method works best or what the differences between our two most popular methods are, then you have come to the right place! Create-N-Stitch is in the business of making your brand or personal artwork look fabulous, so read on to find out which of these imprint methods might be right for you.

When it comes to most products (especially apparel), you are faced with choosing between imprint methods: embroidery and Ink printing (also called "directed to garment printing (DTG)" by some pros in the industry) are two methods. Here is what you should know about both:

All About Embroidery


Embroidery work is an art! With this method, your image is expertly sewn onto a product for a clean, classic look. Modern technology has also turned embroidery into a science in this day and age—now computer-controlled machines are responsible for the sewing and stitching!

All About Printing

Ink Printing

Direct to Garment (DGT) printing is ink applied directly to the item. In DGT, ink is directly inserted into the fibers of the item being customized. The ink is then heated to create a lasting bond on top of the fabric or customizable items, leaving your bold logo or unique design looking fresh and vibrant.

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